About me

I am mostly known under my convention nick Kendra and I really answer to it. I am married an live in Czech republic, in Prague. I can speak English (good) and German (not as good) but my first language is Czech. I work as an academic librarian; I answer to “library girl” as well.

Kendra | Million Moons

Besides doll clothes, I love to sew my own clothing too. To name some more of my favourite stuff, it is books (SF, fantasy, historical fiction and non-fiction, period dramas, fashion history, sewing and crafts), Star Gate, Star Wars and other Disney fairy-tales, tea, chocolate, home-made pastry, theatre, historical reenacting, castles, fortresses, museums & galleries.

My doll history

I had many dolls as a child – cheap Chinese imitations of Barbie and Ken (my friends called them just “Barbieguys”), one 1/1 baby-doll wearing my old toddler clothes and some more small dolls. I was not really interested in carrying the baby-doll in a stroller; I loved my “Barbies” and “Kens” (they had no names) and made my first doll clothes for them.

There was a big cardboard box in my mother’s sewing room and it was full of cloth clippings, old tees and pieces of curtains. That was my treasure box! I started with easiest clothes – swimsuits and dresses. They were made of swimsuit fabric clippings in neon colors, all crooked and stitched with the most bulky black yarn I could even found. I was so proud of myself! My mother was proud too, she just told me not to prick myself. Actually, I did for a few times but it’s the best school you can have in your life, isn’t it?

All grown up, I enjoy my dolls even more now. My quarter is full of “doll mess”; my kitchen is a sewing workshop. I’d love to make doll clothes, furniture, tableware and all necessities from every historical period. And some fantasy stuff. Science fiction stuff! Contemporary stuff! And… you know what? Let’s stop planning and start working. That’s the best way to fulfill your dreams.

Hugs, Kendra